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    Hi Alisa: It has been assembled, and is working smoothly. Thank you very much
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    So far the YRT580 bearing is ok ,For our other projects, in case we will need similar bearings, we will contact with you.
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CSG-45/CSF-45 Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Industrial Robots Harmonic Drive dimension 32x147x27mm

Place of Origin Luoyang,China
Brand Name YDPB
Certification ISO
Model Number CSG-45/CSF-45
Minimum Order Quantity 1PCS
Price 1$
Packaging Details bearing+thin plastic film+waterproof paper+thin foam+carton/wooden cases
Delivery Time 5-7days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 1000pcs/month
Product Details
Model CSG-45/CSF-45 Material GCr15
Structure Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings Dimension 32x147x27mm
Application Robots Harmonic Drive Use Name Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearing
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Product Description

Harmonic drive use CSG-45/CSF-45 Crssed Roller Bearings dimension  32x147x27mm

Inner diamerer(mm):32

Outer diameter(mm):147




Products structure

Harmonic drive bearing is cross roller structure.According to its application area there are two types ,one is outer ring split and inner ring integraty ,another one is outer ring and inner ring all integraty.Rolling body are cylindrical rollers which arranged orthogonality,this structure can make one bearing can bear the load from every direction e.g. radial,axial and tilting torque etc. Bearing with high rigidity,rotation accurancy and load carrying capacity. This series bearing has compact appearance,with mounting hole,customer can mount directly,suitable for every kinds of harmonic drives.


Harmonic drive bearing series

CSF(CSG) Series(Outer ring split,inner ring integraty)

Outer ring split,inner ring integraty structure ,there is no need of flange and bearing seat.suitable for every kind of CSF(CSG) series harmonic drives.


CSF/CSG series model(Dimension dxDXH)mm

CSF-14/CSG-14 dimension-9x55x16.5mm

CSF-17/CSG-17 dimension-10x62x16.5mm

CSF-20/CSG-20 dimension-14x70x16.5mm

CSF-25/CSG-25 dimension-20x85x18.5mm

CSF-32/CSG-32 dimension-26x112x22.5mm

CSF-40/CSG-40 dimension-24x126x24mm

CSG-45/CSF-45 dimension-32x147x27mm

CSF-50/CSG-50 dimension-32x157x31mm

CSF-65/CSG-65 dimension-44x210x39mm



CSG-45/CSF-45 Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Industrial Robots Harmonic Drive  dimension 32x147x27mm 0


Model Dimension(mm) Basic Load rating(KN) Weight
d D T D1 D2 D21 D3 n 1-d 1 n 2-d 2 n 21-d2 1 n 3-d 3 d 31 t 31 rsmin Cr Cor Kg
CSF14 9 55 16.5 49 23 14.5 15.5 8-Ф3.5 6-M4 6-M3 2-Ф3 ---- ---- 0.3x45° 4.6 5.1 0.25
CSF17 10 62 16.5 56 27 17.5 17.5 10-Ф3.5 6-M5 6-M4 2-Ф3 ---- ---- 0.3x45° 5.2 6.4 0.27
CSF20 14 70 16.5 64 32 24 19 12-Ф3.5 8-M6 8-M5 4-Ф3 4-Ф2.8 7 0.3x45° 6.1 8.4 0.36
CSF25 20 85 18.5 79 42 30 26 16-Ф3.5 8-M8 8-M6 4-Ф3 4-Ф2.8 7 0.5x45° 11.2 16 0.65
CSF32 26 112 22.5 104 55 40 34 16-Ф4.5 8-M10 8-M8 4-Ф5 4-Ф4.7 10 0.5x45° 18.5 28.3 1.1
CSF40 24 126 24 117 68 50 42 20-Ф5 8-M10 8-M8 4-Ф5 ---- ---- 0.5x45° 18.9 30.7 1.6
CSF50 32 157 31 147 84 60 50 16-Ф5.5 8-M14 8-M14 4-Ф5 ---- ---- 0.5x45° 42.8 67.7 3.6
CSF65 44 210 39 198 110 80 64 20-Ф6.5 8-M16 8-M16 4-Ф6 ---- ---- 0.5x45° 67.7 114.9 7.8
SHF14 38 70 15.1 64 64 ----- 44 8-Ф3.5 2-M3 ----- 12-M3 ---- 5 0.5x45° 5.4 7.1 0.28
SHF17 47 80 17 74 74 ----- 54 12-Ф3.5 4-M3 ----- 20-M3 ---- 5 0.5x45° 10.4 14.2 0.39
SHF20 54 90 18.5 84 84 ----- 62 12-Ф3.5 4-M3 ----- (16+4)-M3 ---- 6 0.5x45° 16.1 22.4 0.5
SHF25 68 110 20.7 102 102 ----- 77 12-Ф4.5 4-M3 ----- (16-M4)+(4-M3) ---- 6/8 0.5x45° 17.8 27.4 0.81
SHF32 88 142 24.4 132 132 ----- 100 12-Ф5.5 4-M4 ----- (16-M5)+(4-M4) ---- 8 0.5x45° 25.6 42 1.7
SHF40 108 170 30 158 158 ----- 122 12-Ф6.6 6-M4 ----- (16-M6)+(4-M5) ---- 8/10 0.5x45° 42.1 68.4 2.79
SHF50 135 214 36 200 200 ----- 154 12-Ф9 6-M5 ----- (16-M8)+(8-M5) ---- 10/12 0.5x45° 69.8 121.6 5.19


SHF(SHG) series(Outer ring integraty,inner ring integraty)

Outer ring and inner ring are all integraty structure,mounting will have no affect on performance ,it can abtain stable running accurancy and torque.suitable for every kinds of SHF(SHG) series harmonic drives.



Bearing with high quality compound lithium-based grease in factory,so under normal using condition there is no need to add grease.but for bearing running ,in the inital stage ,the frictional torque will increase temporarily, frictional torque will be stable when grease uniformly adhere to raceway and roller.

If the bearing using condition change,general grease can not meet your requirements ,pls contact us.

Mounting Method

CSG-45/CSF-45 Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Industrial Robots Harmonic Drive  dimension 32x147x27mm 1

Mounting caution

Pls clean up the parts e.g bearing seat ,axis etc,Which related to the bearing mounting. Check the burrs(make sure good fit tolerance between inner ring of bearing seat and outer ring of bearing, shaft neck and inner ring of bearing)

When tightening scew, Retaining bolt locking should be divided to 3~4 stages from incompletion locking to completion locking,according to the “ + crossing method” again and again.


pls do not disassembly the bearing,for it is adjust by professional workers and to keep good preload and grease. If it runs abnormally after you receiving the bearing ,pls contact us.


Besides, bearing working temperature is -20℃~+80℃,if not ,pls contact us.

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